Mona Ibrahim

Of Counsel
Mona Ibrahim is a highly accomplished attorney based in Seattle, Washington, boasting a remarkable career spanning over 13 years. Throughout her legal journey, she has consistently showcased an unwavering dedication to the realm of trademark law, coupled with an exceptional ability to handle intricate legal cases.
Mona’s passion for the legal profession has been the driving force behind her career, which has been primarily devoted to serving clients in Seattle and extending her expertise beyond geographical boundaries. Her 13-year tenure in trademark law has established her as a recognized authority in this specialized field.
What truly distinguishes Mona is her reputation as a litigation expert, marked by her sharp legal acumen and strategic prowess. Time and again, she has secured favorable outcomes for her clients in high-stakes litigation cases, a testament to her legal prowess and unwavering commitment.
Furthermore, Mona’s proficiency in trademark cases has made her an indispensable resource for both businesses and individuals seeking to safeguard their intellectual property rights. Her in-depth understanding of the intricacies of trademark law enables her to adeptly navigate disputes and protect her clients’ trademarks with unparalleled precision.
Known for her professionalism and unwavering integrity, Mona Ibrahim is now a trusted legal advisor in Seattle, excelling in both litigation and trademark law. Her clients and peers hold her in high regard for her expertise and her resolute dedication to achieving successful outcomes, even in the most complex legal matters.